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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I heard that your spice blends are low in sodium with no msg or preservatives, is this true?

A. Yes, Pine Island Spices are low-sodium products. Each serving of our seasonings contains about a 1/3 less salt than most products on the market. Our seasonings contain no MSG (Monosodium glutamate) and no preservatives. Click on the Shop button and read more detailed information.

Q. Can I use the Pine Island Spice Regular, Seafood, and Blackening blends as rubs?

A. Yes. Our Pine Island Spice Regular blend is a great rub for cooking beef, pork, and wild game meats. Pine Island Spice Seafood blend is great as a rub on grilled or broiled fish, shrimp, and scallops. Try the Pine Island Blackening blend as a rub on grilled ribs and chicken. They make a great bar-b-que rub as well.

Q. What is the best Pine Island Spice blend to put on Grilled Shrimp?

A. We suggest that you try either the Pine Island Spice Seafood Seasoning or Pine Island Spice Blackening Seasoning and Rub. The Pine Island Seafood blend will add great flavor to your shrimp whether you grill, fry or steam them and our Pine Island Blackening blend will add a bit of a kick (heat) to your Grilled Shrimp. You can use either one of these seasonings by sprinkling directly on the desired amount prior to cooking. Click on the Recipe Page to see our Grilled Shrimp Recipe.

Q. Which meats are best used with your Breakfast Sausage Mixes?

A. Pine Island Mild and Hot Breakfast Sausage Mixes are excellent when mixed with ground beef, port, or turkey and wild game. Use 2 teaspoons of mix for one pound of meat and knead in. Let stand for 5-15 minutes, patty up the meat and cook until done, and you are ready to serve breakfast patty sausage or make some delicious sausage gravy. Best of all our Sausage Mixes are low in sodium with no preservatives or additive and are all natural.

Q. Can I use your Breakfast or Italian Sausage Mixes with casings?

A. Yes, our Sausage Mixes are great to use with casings. Add the Sausage Mix to any ground meat and insert into casings. Tip: When inserting meat into casings your meat should be cool and you will want to add about three tablespoons of ice cold water to the mixture per pound of meat.

Q. Can I purchase your products in bulk?

A. Yes. To purchase our products in bulk, please call Pine Island Spice at 561-718-8333 and we can quote you a price.

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