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Paul’s Beef Brisket

15 +/- LB Brisket

Pine Island Seasoning Regular Blend

Thermometer one with a lead so you can monitor the temperature in the grill without opening it!

Charcoal grill, Smoke House, Gas Grill

Smoke box and wood chips (Hickory, Pecan or Oak)

Ice chest

Hot towels

This is a simple recipe to prepare but it takes hours to cook so make sure you have plenty of time.

Start with the whole brisket you will need 1 to 1.5 LBS per person. It will shrink up so this is where you need to start. You have to use Choice or better yet Prime cut. You cannot get this at your local market so you need to go to the butcher shop and order it.

You need to trim some of the fat off leave about ¼” on the meat. On the meat side you MUST take off all the silver skin, it looks glossy and white to a tint of blue this will make your meat tough if you do not remove it. If you start on one end and get your knife under it you can usually pull it off.

Season the meat with the Pine Island Seasoning Rub liberally! Put in the refrigerator for at least two hours over night is better. Now is the time to put your wood chips in a bucket of water the longer you can soak them the less you will need to use.

Here is the tricky part; you have to keep it at 220 degrees for 1.5 hours per pound where the meat is not over the coals.

If you are using a charcoal grill build your coals to one side and put the meet on the opposite side. Make sure when you place the meat on the grill that the Point (or thick side faces the coals and the flat is on the opposite side as it will cook faster. Also put the meat in fat side up. The key is indirect heat. Place your smoke box on the coals full of your pre-soaked chips and make sure you keep an eye on them when the smoke stops you need more chips.

If you are using a gas grill the; the method is the same except you need to follow the directions below;

Most gas grills come with more than one burner nowadays because the concept of indirect cooking is becoming better known. If your grill has only one burner, you can still cook indirect with a water pan, described below.

Unfortunately grills don’t have thermostats and the built-in thermometers are generally worthless. To become master of your instrument, you need a good digital oven thermometer and you will need to spend a few hours trying the different combinations and writing down the oven temp so you can use your notes later.

On a three burner grill you can set up indirect heating four different ways. The one you chose will depend on how cold or rainy it is, how much meat you have, and how hot you want the oven. Don’t forget to take notes! And don’t forget your smoke box; place it directly over the burners.

Now you just have to keep that temperature steady as it cooks for the allotted time (1.5 hours per pound). When you take it out it will have a dark crust this is what you want not burnt it should look black but not smell burnt if it does your heat got too high.

You can use an instant read thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat (190 deg.). But it is best if you use one that you can leave in the meat and read.

Just before you remove the meat from the grill, take a couple of towels and get them just damp and place them in the microwave and heat them so they are hot. Remove the meat when it is done and put it in an aluminum tray and cover with foil and place in second tray, Place hot towels on top. This is critical as the meat must rest to maintain the moisture. Let it rest for about 1 hour +/- or until the temperature is down to 145 deg. This may take longer but it is worth it. Keep the cooler closed that is why the remote thermometer!

Here comes the good part, when you slice the meat start with the Flat (thin side) and make sure you cut across the grain! Make slices about ¼” thick or less but if it starts to fall apart make thicker slices but the thinner the better. When you get to the point the grain runs in two directions so you can separate the two sections along the line between the layers and then slice them as noted above.

The crunchy bits or what we call the burnt ends are the best, snack on them and tell everyone that they were burnt so you can have them all to yourself, they are the best.

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